Kayla Lochte, Model and Wife of Olympic Swimmer Ryan Lochte, Has Breast Implants Removed Over Health Concerns

Kayla and Ryan Lochte are speaking out after Kayla's surgery to remove her breast implants. The model says the implants began to cause a range of worrying symptoms, including joint pain, fatigue and memory problems.

Kayla Lochte, the wife of Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte, has revealed she recently had her breast implants removed after she says they caused serious health issues.

“You can’t live with these symptoms everyday and enjoy life,” the model told Inside Edition.

Kayla, 29, said she got the implants eight years ago to help boost her career. “Working with these girls that had a lot of fake breasts, I just felt like, you know, I had to keep up. But after getting them, I had so much confidence.”

But recently she started experiencing joint pain, insomnia and fatigue.

“I felt a constant feeling of being hungover. You legit feel like you're dying,” Kayla said.

Even more concerning, she says, were the brain fog and suicidal thoughts.

“I just got this big pad and I was just writing prayer after prayer, just begging to get me through this one time just so I could see there is a light at the end,” Kayla tearfully recalled.

After a litany of tests, Kayla says doctors told her she was likely suffering breast implant illness, so she decided to undergo “explant” surgery. Just one week after the procedure, Kayla already feels better.

“It hadn't even been 24 hours and I was just like, ‘Oh my gosh!’ I could see rosiness in my cheeks and oil in my skin. My memory is coming back,” Kayla said.

Her husband has been by her side through it all.

“We just want her to feel happy and feel good about herself,” the Olympic swimmer told Inside Edition.