Keaton Jones Visits University of Tennessee Football Team as Reports Say His Dad Might Be a White Supremacist

Shawn White is currently serving a three-year prison term for assault.

Keaton Jones was all smiles as he spent the day with the University of Tennessee football team.  

The 11-year-old, who shined a spotlight on bullying with a heartbreaking viral video last week, was given a hero's welcome Wednesday.     

They showered him with gifts, including a UT football jersey with his initials on the back. 

The team reached out to him after seeing the video that broke so many hearts across the nation. 

But while the young boy was having the time of his life, there was a disturbing new twist in his backstory.  

His estranged dad is serving a three-year jail sentence for assault, and appears to be a white supremacist. 

In photos taken in 2014, Shawn White, 37, has a tattoo that reads “pure breed.” Another around his waist says “white pride.” On his neck, the tattooed letters “CWB” reportedly stands for “crazy white boys.”

One photo shows White and friends making gang signs associated with the Aryan Circle prison gang.    

Keaton's mom has already come under fire for posting photos of herself, her son and other family members posing with a Confederate flag. 

Earlier this week, she apologized for the image in an interview with Inside Edition.