Kendra and Malika Andrews, Sisters From Oakland, California, Now Host ‘NBA Today’ on ESPN

And Malika and Kendra aren't the only family duo on TV, either.

It’s the modern-day Andrews sisters. But this time, there aren’t three of them but two.

Malika and Kendra Andrews from Oakland, California, appeared on-air together for the first time on ESPN. 

“It’s not every day you get to share the screen with your sister,” Malika posted on Twitter about Kendra, who just started as an NBA reporter for the network. Malika has been working for ESPN for a few years. 

This isn’t the only family duo on TV, either.

After 36 years in the business, Art Rascon of KTRK in Houston, Texas, recently anchored his final newscast with his son Jacob by his side after Jacob made his debut as the newest member of the news team. 

As they say, it runs in the family.

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