Kentucky Man Gets Tick in His Eye After Leaving Job Site

A man went to the doctor with a tick in his eye.
A man went to the doctor with a tick in his eye.Getty Images

Chris Prater was “scared a little bit” when he got the diagnosis.

You know to check your body for ticks after spending a long day in a woody area, but what if the critter isn’t on your skin but in your eye?

That’s what happened to Chris Prater, from Prestonsburg, Kentucky, who had to have a tick removed from his irritated eye.

Prater said his eye began bothering him after leaving work one day. He works for an electrical company and spent the day at a job site removing a tree from power lines.

He said he saw a small spot on his eye and tried to wash it out but eventually went to see a doctor when he wasn’t able to.

Doctors confirmed it was a tick and were able to remove it with tweezers. They then sent Prater home with antibiotics and steroid drops.

Prater said he was “scared a little bit” by the whole ordeal. Even though he said he uses bug repellent every day, “You can’t spray your eyes," he added, according to APTN.