New York Cop Hails a Cab for Visually Impaired Woman

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The moment a New York police officer helped a visually impaired woman hail a cab was caught on camera in a touching video warming hearts across America. 

The officer, Donald Swartz, had left his usual post at a Harlem subway station to get some water when he said he noticed a young woman walking toward the curb with a cane

He warned her the light was green and she thanked him, then asked for help hailing a cab. 

"I said, 'Where do you wanna go? Uptown? Downtown?' She said, 'Downtown's good,'" Swartz told "I just walked her over and put her in and I continued on my way."

 Swartz said he's stunned by the reaction online to the video. After all, for him it's all in a day's work.

"This is 98% of the police work we do or try to do," said Swartz. "Seeing the positive side of policing is great. Because a lot of times we just see the negative and I know we don't like that and the community doesn't like that. But it's good to see something positive get out there."

So what will his next act of kindness be?

"Who knows," he said with a laugh. "When you're out there every day, it could be anything. But wherever it needs me, I'll be."


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