New York Blackout Didn't Stop This Couple From Getting Married

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In New York City, the show must go on. And that was especially true for one couple who was getting hitched when the blackout struck Saturday.

Amy Rosenthal and Craig Silverstein were having their wedding at the Plaza Hotel with more than 200 guests. Rosenthal was walking down the aisle to her future husband when, suddenly, the nuptials were plunged into darkness.

"The moment I basically approached Craig the lights completely went out. At that moment it was panic, but my thought was that a fuse had blown. ... It was very disappointing. It was emotional," Rosenthal told Inside Edition.

In fact, a fuse had not blown. The power had gone out in midtown Manhattan and turned the lights off for thousands of people.

It would be hours before the lights would come back on, but nothing was stopping this couple from tying the knot.

With the ceremony lit by cellphones, Rosenthal and Silverstein said "I do." And they carried on the reception as best they could.

Though photos from the event are mostly dark, the bride's brother Justin Rosenthal ended up snapping a beautiful photo of the couple kissing in the street with the darkened plaza behind them, and the picture has gone viral.


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