This Woman Reportedly Spent Just $3K on Her Wedding Thanks to Amazon

This Woman Spent Just $3K on Her Wedding Thanks to Amazon
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A penny saved is a penny earned.

A penny saved is a penny earned.

One North Carolina woman's entire wedding reportedly only cost about $3,000, thanks to Amazon.

In February, Ashley Hicks got engaged to her then-boyfriend, who works in finance. The pair agreed they had no desire to go into debt because of a wedding

"I think the average in North Carolina is like $34,000 to spend on a wedding and my husband was like, 'We're definitely not doing that,'" Hicks told WTVD.

According to, the average wedding cost about $45,000 in 2018.

Their wedding was in June. For such a swift turnaround, the couple enlisted the help of wedding planner Natalie Duncan. It was her idea to order most of what they needed on Amazon.

"We bought my dress, shoes, bridesmaid dresses, their shoes, their jewelry, my husband's suspenders, all the groomsmen's gifts except bowties, our table settings and the plates. It was a long list," Hicks said. "We had about 150 guests, and I probably spent about $3,000 total including our food, all the attire, decorations, everything!"

For her dress, Hicks found a dress in-person that she liked, which came with a price tag of about $1,000. Then she found a similar one on Amazon for a fraction of that price from a dressmaker in China. It cost $100 and, according to Hicks, was a perfect fit.