Dad Sells Fireworks to Pay for Daughter's Wedding, Whole Family Helps Out

Father-of-the-bride Heath Bryant works at a church while his wife is a teacher.

Weddings aren’t cheap and a father-of-the-bride has an explosive idea on how he’ll come up with the money to pay for one.

Heath Bryant, of Springdale, Arizona, is selling fireworks for the first time at his own stand this summer.

“When they proposed the idea, I thought, 'That's a little crazy but it just might work,'” his daughter and the bride-to-be Sarah Ashley Bryant told KFSM. “If anyone could make it work my dad could.”

Sarah Ashley has three other siblings. Her mom is a teacher and her dad works for a church.

“Weddings are not cheap,” Heath joked.

The fireworks stand is a labor of the whole family’s love to Sarah Ashley. Ahead of her big day, they have all been helping out at the fireworks stand to give Sarah Ashley the wedding she's dreamed of.

“It has been great seeing our family come together because really, it is for Sarah Ashley, but all of our kids are excited for her getting married,” Heath said. “Our whole family is [excited] and want to make this happen for her.”