Dad Creates Unbelievable Bedroom for His Daughter, Complete With Fireworks and Dinosaurs

The dad says he loves watching his daughter react to the room.

Nevada dad has created the ultimate bedroom for his 7-year-old daughter. 

Lyle Coram, a stagehand at Paris and Bally’s in Las Vegas, used his expertise to construct a bedroom so mesmerizing that his daughter, Shelby, may never leave the house. 

The room has a castle, projections of dinosaurs outside the window, moving images of fireworks, and twinkling stars on the ceiling. 

To create the stars, he drilled 200 holes into the ceiling for fiber optic lights to shine through, and a projector gives the illusion of fireworks.

The dinosaurs are created by another projection that's displayed on a screen outside the window that makes it look like the prehistoric creatures are roaring just outside the room. 

Coram says his efforts are all worth it when he sees her reaction.

“Just watching her face — that's the best,” he told Inside Edition. 

When Shelby first saw the wild new room, she said she was baffled. 

“Is this real or am I just dreaming?” she told Inside Edition of her initial reaction.