KFC Halts ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ Slogan Amid to Coronavirus Pandemic

There are 23,000 KFC restaurants in 140 countries. 
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Eat fried chicken with utensils or immediately clean your hands after eating, experts say.

One of the cornerstones of America’s fast food chains is temporarily stopping their famous slogan amid coronavirus fears

Kentucky Fried Chicken announced it is putting the brakes on their iconic “finger lickin’ good” slogan, which has been a part of the company since 1956, as coronavirus cases spread around the world. 

The company noted it is trying to preserve the safety and health of their customers around the world amid the global pandemic. The succulent and spicy chicken is known for leaving some remains on the fingers of those who are indulging, prompting many to lick the leftovers. But amid the declaration of the coronavirus as a global pandemic, “finger lickin’ good,” might not be the best option. 

The Centers for Disease Control says the best way to protect oneself from contracting the coronavirus is by practicing good hygiene, including washing their hands for the recommended 20 seconds, and if that is not possible, using hand sanitizer. People are also urged to avoid touching their mouths and faces, as well as to avoid physical contact with others,  especially those who are sick

“It doesn’t feel like the right time to be airing this campaign, so we’ve decided to pause it for now -– but we’re really proud of it and look forward to bringing it back at a later date,” a spokesperson for KFC told the UK’s Independent

There are 23,000 KFC restaurants in 140 countries. 

There are currently 125,000 cases of coronavirus confirmed globally, according to CNN. About 1,700 cases have been reported in the U.S., including 41 that resulted in death, according to NBC News