Kidnappers of Cleveland EMT Lachelle Jordan ‘Tried to Burn Her Alive,’ She Is Now Safe and Sound: Family

Cleveland Police

The circumstances around Lachelle’s disappearance remain unclear.

The family of missing Cleveland EMT Lachelle Jordan has come out to say that their loved one has been found safe and sound and is recovering in an Ohio hospital after they say kidnappers “tried to burn her alive,” according to reports.

Joseph Jordan told 19 News Friday that he is talking with investigators about her case after she went missing on May 6.

Her family reported her missing the following day, prompting law enforcement and her family to ask the public for help finding her, ABC News reported.

She was found less than a week later and an investigation is underway, according to Cleveland Police.

Joseph Jordan also spoke to reporters Saturday outside the hospital where his daughter is recovering and said, “Lachelle has had some trauma. She has had some injuries.”

Joseph and the family expressed gratitude for the efforts to find Lachelle Jordan.

"A miracle did happen -- Lachelle came home," Joseph said. "The community stepped forward. That made me proud to be a citizen of Cleveland."

The circumstances around Lachelle’s disappearance remain unclear.

Joseph did not provide any details on what happened to her and told reporters, “we want [details] just like you. We don't know him yet because the investigation is ongoing."

When asked by a reporter what it took for Lachelle Jordan to come home, her father responded, "She ran,” according to ABC News.

On Thursday night, Lachelle entered a Cleveland convenience store, according to reports.

“She looked nervous, very tired, and like someone [fought] with her,” the store clerk told 19 News. “She says someone tried to kill her.”

She reportedly asked the clerk for a cellphone, and he said she called 911. The clerk said Lachelle’s shirt was ripped and looked as though it had been burned.

Audio from the 911 call obtained by 19 News revealed Lachelle told the dispatcher that she ran away from her kidnappers, who tried to burn her alive.

“You’re never going to believe this, we just got a call from Lachelle Jordan,” the 911 operator told first responders in the call. “She said that she ran away from the people that kidnapped her and they tried to burn her alive.”

The EMT vanished after she went outside on May 6 “to get something from her car that was parked on the street," according to the New York Post.

Her disappearance came two days before she was expected to testify in a case against Michael Stennett, who has been charged with two counts of rape and one count of abduction in May 2022, according to the New York Post.

She was due to attend a pretrial hearing on Monday.

Stennett has not yet entered a plea in the rape and abduction case, according to court records obtained by Inside Edition Digital.

He is due back in court on May 30 for the final pretrial conference. He is currently being held in jail on $100,000 bond.

Cleveland Police have said there is no evidence connecting the Michael Stennett case to Lachelle Jordan's disappearance.

Lachelle Jordan has reportedly said that Stennett has stalked her in the past.

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