Kids of Courage Helps Those With Disabilities Conquer Ski Slopes

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It’s Azzie Warum's very first time on the slopes, and the 8-year-old is zooming.

"It feels like you're in a race car driving," he said.

He's one of the members of a large group hitting Mt. Snow in Vermont — finally getting to enjoy an activity many don't think twice about, all thanks to the charity Kids of Courage.

Dr. Stuart Ditcheck helped start the charity 11 years ago.

"We travel all over the country with large groups of children and young adults who are challenged with either physical disabilities or very serious illnesses," he told CBS News.

This year, several volunteers brought 52 campers and hundreds of doses of medicine to the mountains.

Everyone who participated was surrounded by a team of people whose job was to make sure everything was done safely.

Ayala Yakobzon just loved the adrenaline the ride gave her.

"It's just a rush 'cause you're going fast and the wind is in your face and your hair. it's a lot of fun," The 14-year-old said.

Although the charity’s name suggests it’s just for kids, adults get to participate too. Avi Davidson, 25, lost an arm and the use of his legs after falling as a teenager.

He says conquering the slopes means so much more.

"Beyond just the mountain? Basically obstacles in my way are there to overcome."


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