Kim Jong Un's Bodyguards Jog in Perfect Formation Alongside Limo as He Tours Singapore

The North Korean leader is in town for a historic summit with President Trump.

It was a bizarre sight as North Korean strongman Kim Jong Un was cheered by hotel guests and flanked by security in Singapore as he arrived for the landmark summit with President Trump. 

The North Korean leader went on an unannounced late-night sightseeing stroll of the city Sunday, even stopping at one point for a selfie. 

But the casual onlooker may have had difficulty spotting Kim, who was surrounded by his force of about a dozen loyal bodyguards, who formed a human shield around him.

The men were all dressed in the same black suit with a blue and white striped tie, running in perfect formation alongside his limo.

Carefully selected, the bodyguards are all skilled marksmen and experts in martial arts. In addition, they are the same height and are required to be good looking and free of skin blemishes. 

Each one wears a red lapel pin with the image of the North Korean leader.

The elite squad is reminding many of the cheerleaders the North Korean leader sent to the Winter Olympics in February. The 200 women were chosen for their physical beauty and performed meticulously choreographed routines while supporting the North Korean athletes. 

In Singapore, the entire world is focused on the high stakes summit as Kim meets with President Trump. The two are staying about a half-mile from each other.  

Kim is staying at the $9,000-a-night presidential suite at the St. Regis Hotel, while Trump is at the luxurious Shangri-La Hotel.

The summit is being held at the luxury Capella Resort.

Trump is accompanied by top aides, Gen. John Kelly, his chief of staff; Secretary of State Mike Pompeo; National Security Adviser John Bolton, Senior Policy Adviser Stephen Miller and White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

The hosts presented the president, who turns 72 Wednesday, with a birthday cake. 

Meanwhile, first lady Melania Trump has stayed behind in Washington. She was the guest of honor at the Ford's Theater's annual gala, which celebrates the legacy of Abraham Lincoln, who was assassinated there in 1865.