Kind 10-Year-Old Builds Crosses for Police Around the Country to Keep Them Safe

Arianna Nichols, of Illinois, started making the crosses two years ago.

A 10-year-old girl is spreading love across the country as she gives out crosses to the men and women in blue.

Arianna Nichols, of Illinois, started making crosses two years ago when she received Perler beads for her birthday and she’s made more than 32,000 for police departments since. 

Arianna said she gave her first cross to her mom’s friend, who is a police officer, and some members from their department initially. Her effort kicked off from there.

“I thought since I did it for one department I thought I could do more and reach out to more people,” Arianna told 

Arianna’s mom, Laura Nichols, said she started helping Arianna contact departments and eventually some departments began contacting them.

“We haven’t been told no yet, 388 departments later, she is still going,” Nichols said.

She added that Arianna has always been very “God-loving” and her mission is “just another way of expressing it.”

Nichols said she was surprised that Arianna’s crosses were so well-received because of the religious aspect, but she is glad they were.

“I felt it was my job as her mom to try to make it happen," Nichols said.

Arianna works on her crosses after school and sometimes after dinner.

She has received hugs, thank you notes, cards, and patches from police to thank her for the gesture.

“I hope it reminds them to pray and I hope that will answer their prayers to stay safe,” Arianna said.