King Charles III Requests Harry Wear His Military Uniform to the Queen's Vigil After Previous Prohibition

Image of Harry, Duke of Sussex

Harry will be allowed to wear his military uniform for Queen Elizabeth's vigil.

For the events surrounding the death of Queen Elizabeth, her grandson Harry, the Duke of Sussex, has been prohibited from wearing his military uniform, but for the upcoming vigil being held Sept. 17, he may be allowed to wear it.

The Duke of Sussex served in the military for over a decade, which included two tours in Afghanistan before he stepped down as senior member of the royal family, reported ABC News.

King Charles III gave word about prohibiting non-working members of the family from wearing their military uniforms during the events related to the queen's Death, according to the outlet.

This would include Harry and his uncle Prince Andrew, who had to give up his title following his connection to the Epstein case, reported the news outlet.

The Duke of Sussex and Prince Andrew wore suits with their military medals rather than the uniform to prior events, according to CBS News. 

The king reportedly changed his mind and will permit Harry to join his brother Prince William in wearing their military uniforms at the vigil being held on Sept. 17 at Westminster Hall, reports CBS News. 

The rest of the family will wear dark formal clothes, according to the news source. 

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