Kittens Found in a Massachusetts Dumpster Are Recovering

Kittens being held by hands

Eight kittens were rescued from a dumpster in Holyoke, Massachusetts, and taken in by local shelters and foster homes.

Eight kittens were rescued from a dumpster in Holyoke, Massachusetts.

Half of the kittens are estimated to be about three weeks old, and were found within a bag inside the dumpster. The remaining half, estimated to be around a month old, were outside of the bag next to the others in the dumpster.

"It’s frustrating and disgusting to think that a human being would resort to dumping them in a dumpster as opposed to just calling a shelter or a rescue group or finding help for them instead of literally discarding them like they're trash," Fiskaa said to Western Mass News.

Robin Fiskaa, president of Halfway Home Cat Rescue Inc. told local outlets that while they arrived flea-ridden, all of the cats are doing well.

The older cats were staying at another local shelter and the younger ones are being cared for in a foster home as they grow, according to the local outlet.

Many have expressed interest in the kittens, but the shelter shared through a Facebook post that they are currently not available for adoption.

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