LA Super Bowl Will Be Hottest on Record With Near 90-Degree Temps Expected

When the Bengals last played in the big game back in 1982, a record wind chill of 59 degrees below zero earned it the nickname, “The Freezer Bowl.”

The calendar says football, but the weather forecast is screaming “Beach!” 

Temperatures in Los Angeles are expected to be about 20 degrees above normal, so much so that officials are issuing a heat advisory for Super Bowl weekend.

Sunday's game is expected to be the hottest Super Bowl on record, with near 90-degree temperatures. 

“We have this heat advisory, which is unheard of here in Southern California, especially in February,” meteorologist Amber Lee told Inside Edition. 

The Bengals football team experienced a shock when they flew in from Cincinnati, where it's a frigid 30 degrees.

Inside Edition's special Super Bowl correspondent Cheryl Burke of “Dancing With the Stars” caught up with players’ wives from both teams.

The venue for the Super Bowl does not have traditional air conditioning. SoFi Stadium is an open-air stadium with clear rooftop panels that slide open to pull in cool ocean breezes. 

The NFL has never had a Super Bowl affected by intense heat, although when the Bengals last played in the big game back in 1982, it made the record books with a wind chill of 59 degrees below zero, earning it the nickname “The Freezer Bowl.”

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