Lady Gaga’s Bandleader Joins Teen in Impromptu Jazz Jam Session on Street

Samsen Marquez, 18, wasn’t joined by just anyone, it was Brian Newman, who is Lady Gaga’s bandleader for her Las Vegas residency.

New York teen Samsen Marquez was playing his trombone while getting fresh air and change of scenery in while at home during the COVID-19 pandemic, when suddenly a neighbor joined in and started playing his trumpet.

But the 18-year-old Brooklyn native wasn’t joined by just anyone; it was Brian Newman, who is Lady Gaga’s bandleader for her Las Vegas residency. 

“It was kind of mind-blowing, really,” Marquez told “Because knowing that he's a musician that made it, playing with people that made it, it's a totally different experience because you're like playing with people who, basically have changed the world.”

Newman had his own kind words for the budding musician. 

“Samson's great, man," Newman said. "He sounds awesome. I've been hearing him practicing the past couple months when we moved in over here, and it's finally nice to meet him and hear him jam out." 

The two live across the street from each other, but had never met. But finally the time had come to jam together, while properly social-distancing, of course. The two have officially met now via video conference call, set up by 

After their conversation, they opted to put on an encore show for the neighborhood. 

“It was on an honor playing with him the and just being able to just actually meet, it's great. Being a young musician, looking up to someone like that, it's really just great,” the teen said. 

“It was an honor to play with you too, man.," Newman replied. "It really it means a lot to me, man. All in the same boat trying to make some music and make it our livelihood, you know?”  

The response from the neighborhood has been great, as Newman says people were clapping and everyone has enjoyed dancing along, from a safe social distance

Newman said that his new friend is allowed backstage at any of his shows, especially in three years when he is old enough to get into some of the clubs.