Lake House Encased in 4 Feet of Ice After Days of Relentless Winds

Blistering winds blowing frigid water in from Lake Ontario coated homes along the shore in a thick layer of ice.

After days of subzero temperatures and punishing winds, one upstate New York homeowner discovered their summer residence had been encased in 4 feet of ice

Maureen Whelan, who owns the home along Lake Ontario, told Inside Edition she's never seen anything like this before. 

"We just could not believe it," she said.

Winds gusting up to 70 to 80 mph blew the lake's frigid spray offer the homes along the shore, where the water quickly froze. The home, according to Whelan, is 50 feet from the shore and protected by a seawall, but apparently that wasn't enough. 

While it may look impressive, Whelan said she's worried the home will be a total loss once the ice melts