Las Vegas Family Claims They Saw Aliens in Their Backyard After Mysterious Fireball Falls From Sky

In an exclusive interview with Inside Edition, a Las Vegas family says tall creatures with big eyes in their backyard.

A Las Vegas family who claims they saw aliens in their backyard has spoken out for the first time since the incident.

Police bodycam captured a mysterious bright fireball that seemed to be falling towards the ground. Moments later 16-year-old Angel Kenmore called 911, telling the operator that something from out of this world was in his backyard.

“They’re very large. 9 feet, 10 feet. They look like aliens to us. Big eyes. They have big eyes,” Kenmore told the operator. “And they’re not human. They’re 100%, they’re not human.”

In an exclusive interview, Angel and his family tell Inside Edition what happened that night.

Angel says he was outside working on a truck when he saw a light and heard a noise. He says he saw two creatures and was paralyzed with fear.

Police rushed to the family’s home after Angel’s call. Angel’s father Bobby and brother Joshua backed up Angel’s claims saying they saw the same creatures.

The family tells Inside Edition they do not believe the creatures were human and that they were a green-grey in color.

Four months since the mysterious event, the Kenmore family says they are still haunted by what they saw.

Polls show 65 percent of all Americans believe in UFOs.

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