'The Last Jedi' Viewers Erupt in Anger Over Audio Issues at Theater

Some irritated fans reported audio problems that ruined opening night.

The force tilted to the dark side Thursday night as some irritated Star Wars fans reported audio problems that ruined opening night of the highly anticipated film, The Last Jedi.

A rebellion ignited among fans who paid as much as $22 a ticket to see the movie at a special screening due following the technical difficulties at an AMC theater in Burbank, Calif.

When the film started, they could hear the film's music, but none of the dialogue.
Lynly Ehrlich was live streaming from the audience.

“Everybody in this theater is incredibly angry because the dialogue isn't working,” she said. 

As fans took to the lobby to chant “Restart it,” a theater employee tried to calm customers, but informs them that the theater will not be restarting the film.

The conflict got so heated that police were called. 
AMC did offer a refund to those who felt slighted, but it did little to calm the mood.