Leah Remini Claims Sharon Osbourne Used Racially Charged Language to Refer to Julie Chen While on 'The Talk'

Former co-host Leah Remini accused Osbourne of using racially charged language to describe at least one other woman on the show. 

"The Talk" has extended its hiatus amid new allegations made against Sharon Osbourne. Former co-host Leah Remini accused Osbourne of using racially charged language to describe at least one other woman on the show. 

Remini, who co-hosted the show for one season in 2010, told journalist Yashar Ali that Osbourne used racial slurs to refer to former co-host Julie Chen, who is Chinese American, and homophobic language about former co-host Sara Gilbert, who is gay. 

Former co-host Holly Robinson Peete has also claimed Osbourne called her "too ghetto" for the show. 

"Sharon is disappointed but unfazed and hardly surprised by the lies, the recasting of history and the bitterness coming out at this moment," Osbourne's spokesman said. 

CBS extended the show's hiatus into next week. An investigation is underway. 

"CBS is committed to a diverse, inclusive and respectful workplace. This includes a process where all voices are heard, claims are investigated and appropriate action is taken where necessary," CBS said in a statement. 

The controversy began last week when Osbourne got into a heated exchange with co-host Sheryl Underwood, after Osbourne came to the defense of her friend Piers Morgan, who stormed off the set of his ITV show, "Good Morning Britain," when his co-presenter, Alex Beresford, criticized the way he spoke about the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan Markle.

Beresford's comments were made after Morgan questioned whether Markle was being truthful during her and Prince Harry's Oprah Winfrey interview about having suicidal thoughts. His comments received considerable backlash and prompted an investigation from the United Kingdom's media regulator. Not long after he walked off set, ITV announced Morgan had resigned from "Good Morning Britain."

Following Morgan's departure from his show, Underwood, who is Black, said to Osbourne during "The Talk" last Wednesday, “what would you say to people who may feel that, while you’re standing by your friend, it appears that you gave validation or safe haven to something that he has uttered that is racist, even if you don’t agree?” 

Osbourne said she felt like she was being placed on "the electric chair" for having a friend some people believe is racist. 

The show went to a commercial break, but the conversation continued after.

"Don’t try to cry. If anyone should be crying, it should be me,” Osbourne said at one point to Underwood.

On Tuesday, Osbourne told "Entertainment Tonight" she apologized after the show. "I love Sheryl. I've apologized to Sheryl, she has not gotten back. I should never have dismissed her feelings on national TV. Ever," she said. 

She also hinted she may not return to "The Talk."

"I don't know if I want to go back," she said. "I don't know if I'm wanted there."