At Least 40 Killed as Burning Plane Makes Emergency Landing in Moscow

One witness told the BBC is was a "miracle" that anyone escaped the inferno at all.

A pillar of dark smoke filled the sky as a Russian plane, engulfed in roaring flames, made an emergency landing in Moscow.

After taking off from Sheremetyevo International Airport, the Aeroflot aircraft reportedly caught fire mid-air about 30 minutes into the flight. The pilot was forced to turn around and get the passengers to safety.

Harrowing video showed the plane heading down the runway with bright orange flames shooting out from its back and sides. Passengers could be seen leaping from the front of the plane onto inflatable slides. They ran across the tarmac and grass to get away.

At least 40 people were killed in the incident, according to multiple reports. There were reportedly over 70 passengers on board.

One witness told the BBC it was a "miracle" that anyone escaped the inferno at all. Another said people were left "shaking."

The flight was headed for Murmansk, a few hours away. Other flights at Sheremetyevo International were grounded.

Authorities are investigating the incident.