Librarian Shares Photo of Entire Taco Pressed Between Pages of a Returned Book

Imagine flipping open the pages of your favorite book and finding an uneaten taco.
Imagine flipping open the pages of your favorite book and finding an uneaten taco.(LaPorte County Library)

Not a single bite appears to have been taken out of the taco librarian Amanda Mae found in a returned book.

Turns out, saving something for later can be said about good meals and great literature.

A librarian shared a distressing photo of a book found returned to the LaPorte County Library in Indianawith an entire taco squished between the pages.

“Don’t have a bookmark? Try using a taco,” Amanda Monson posted on Twitter.

She went on to clarify, “Actual photo of an actual book found in the book drop at my library in Indiana a few years back.”

Monson told that the book wasn't actually an existing library book but a book donation.

"The staff took a photo of it and threw the book away," she said. 

After the post went viral, a Twitter user seemed to have tracked down the title of the book for any avid readers who are dying to know what exactly lies between the cheesy pages: "Nonsense Songs and Stories," illustrated by Edward Lear.

Since Monson started working as a librarian seven years ago, she said she's seen many odd objects between the pages of returned books, including uncashed paychecks, credit cards, $50 or $100 bills and panty liners.

"You can ask any public librarian, and they will have stories about the weird things that get left in books and returned to us," she said. 

Thankfully, Monson said librarians check all returned books, and most lost items get found and returned right away.

Her tweet comes as part of an ongoing viral joke about using food as a bookmark.

Both Chex Mix and Oreo have shared images on Twitter of their products being pressed between the pages of books.

While some are loving the meme, the Strand Bookstore in New York City didn't find the joke very funny.