Lisa Guerrero Shares Painful Secrets With Deborah Norville While Promoting Her Memoir 'Warrior'

Lisa reveals that she suffered a miscarriage while hosting Monday Night Football, but never once left the field.

Lisa Guerrero opens up to Inside Edition's Deborah Norville about her storied career and new memoir "Warrior."

"My last name, 'Guerrero,' actually means warrior in Spanish. And when I was little my mother was diagnosed with lymphoma," says Guerrero while discussing the title of her memoir. "I was 8, she was 29, but before she died, she pulled me aside and she said: 'Lisa, never forget that your last name is warrior.'"

Lisa says she needed to be a warrior after starting her television career as a sideline reporter for Monday Night Football. She says that dream job ended up being a nightmare.

"I faced immediate criticism because even before I grabbed the microphone, they were writing stories about how I was just a cheerleader, I used to be a model, I was simply an actress," says Guerrero. "How could they have given me the best job that a woman could get in sports?"

She continues: "That's why I wrote the book. The book is a cautionary tale, and a love letter to other young women getting into business."


Lisa also reveals that she also suffered a miscarriage while hosting Monday Night Football, but never once left the field.

"I was standing on the sidelines and in the first half I started to cramp. I started to feel a great deal of pain and nausea and headaches," says Lisa. "And I thought it was going to faint but I knew that I couldn't, I knew that I had to deliver my live reports."

Deborah then shares her own painful secret.

"I miscarried a child. And I was back here at work two hours later," says Deborah.

Lisa then explains why she believes women are willing to soldier on after these personal tragedies.

"Here's what I think. I think when so much is expected of you, and you feel like people want me to do this job, I need to do this job, you don't want to let anybody down." says Lisa.

"Warrior" is on bookshelves now.


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