Little Girl 'Calls' Judge to Tattle on Her Younger Sister Who 'Is Being Bad'

Kynzlee Hammett wanted a higher authority to deal with her irksome younger sister.Brittney Hammett/Facebook

Four-year-old Kynzlee wanted some justice for her misbehaving sister.

A little girl in Texas was extremely impressed by a visit to her pre-K class from a local justice of the peace.

So much so that when she was fed up to her eyeballs by her little sister's antics, she made an emergency call to Judge James Metts, of Montgomery County, telling him he needed to issue an injunction against a misbehaving toddler.

Speaking directly into her toy cell phone, 4-year-old Kynzlee Hammett said, "Judge Metts, my little sister (pronounced 'stister') is being bad today. Please, come and pick her up so you talk to her."

The girls' mother, Brittney, captured the pretend conversation on video and posted it to Snapchat and her Facebook page, where it has been viewed more than 3,000 times. 

Kynzlee has been talking of nothing else since Metts visited her class on her school's career day, her mom said. 

Apparently taken by the jurist's presence, Kynzlee began invoking his name in everyday life.

"She made a comment when we were driving and said, 'Mom if you're speeding, you're going to have to see Judge Metts.' Thankfully, I wasn't speeding," the mom told The Courier.

The judicial-minded child is thinking she might one day become a judge, her mom said.

Metts was charmed by the girl's takeaway of his visit.

"I was honored to be asked to speak," Metts said. "It's interesting how intelligent children are to remember that."