This Little Piggy Hit the Waves: Meet Pickles the Surfing Swine

The pig has only been surfing for four months.

While most pigs frolic on a farm or run around in a pen, Pickles is out on the water, showing off his moves while surfing the California waves. 

Pickles, a potbellied pig, hangs ten in a life jacket and gets on his board with his owner, Maddie Johnson, 25, to ride the waves and feel Mother Nature’s magic. 

The talented pig also goes for hikes and sunbathes. He gives fellow beachgoers a surprise when they see him on the sand and later in the water. 

“Pickles loves to sunbathe and go paddle-boarding and we taught him how to surf recently,” Johnson told news outlet SWNS. “The one atypical thing about Pickles is that he loves the water and he loves running into the ocean and swimming. He will even catapult into the morning shower with me.”

Pickles just started surfing four months ago off the coast of San Francisco and Johnson said his pet pig isn’t scared at all and has “developed a knack for it.”

Johnson says the pig’s low center of gravity helps him balance on the board and he sometimes surfs with dogs from nearby Belmont. 

“He is a very sporty pig and he is totally defying some pig stereotypes," Johnson said. "He is super. He is cuddly and sweet and such a character, bubbly, warm and affectionate.”