Living Like the Queen: Woman Spends a Week Dressing and Drinking Like Elizabeth II

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It's not easy being queen. Just ask Eliza Thompson.

The editor spent an entire week living like Queen Elizabeth II, which is apparently harder than it looks. 

"She wears a lot of matching hats and coats," Thompson told Inside Edition. "Not my style."

She explained she decided to play dress up and mimic the daily routine of the queen to celebrate the second season of the Netflix hit, The Crown, which premiered last month.

Thompson even had a couple of corgis accompanying her in her royal week out, the signature companions of the real queen. 

In addition, she sipped on the Queen’s favorite cocktail — rumored to be a combination of gin with Dubonnet — although Thompson was not quite sold on the drink.

“The only word I can come up with is medicinal, like cough syrup,” she said.

Meanwhile, the Smithsonian Channel is airing a special to mark the 65th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth's coronation.

In a rare interview, the Queen herself seems to marvel at seeing the imperial crown she wore at the time, recalling how heavy it was.

“You can’t look down to read the speech,” she said in the interview. “You have to take the speech up because if you did, your neck would break and [the crown] would fall off.”


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