A Look Inside the Last Blockbuster in the World

Longtime customers honor the yellow and blue at the last remaining Blockbuster — going strong in Bend, Oregon.

The yellow and blue is still going strong inside the world's last Blockbuster store.

Inside Edition took a look inside the rental store in Bend, Oregon. Sandi Harding proudly remains at the helm as its general manager. "I always laugh because people come in and say, 'Oh my gosh, it still looks like a Blockbuster.' Of course it does, we are Blockbuster," she said.

Blockbuster first opened in 1989, and the chain grew to more than 9,000 stores by 2004 in the video revolution. But competition from new rental and streaming services over the years gave Blockbuster a run for its money. 

Now, tourists are flocking to this Oregon store — the last of its kind.

One couple made a three-hour trip to buy a souvenir cup from the Blockbuster, calling the store "very nostalgic." The pair even signed up for a new membership.

Longtime customer say nothing beats walking into the store and browsing the titles in person.

"It just reminds me of when my kids were little. We just loved coming in here," one woman said.

A man added: "I'm treated like family when I walk through the door. Almost everyone who works here calls me by my name."