Los Angeles Deputy Staged Fake Search to Steal $2 Million In Marijuana and Cash

Marc Antrim used his own uniform and badge and attempted a heist that was over two million dollars

Marc Antrim, a former Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy, will be spending the next few years locked up after attempting to pull off a movie-style heist.

According to the US Attorney’s office, he and six others pretended to be deputies executing a search warrant and robbed a downtown Los Angeles warehouse of $600,000 cash and 1,200 pounds of marijuana. Although the co-conspirators involved pretended to be Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department deputies, they weren’t. Marc Antrim was the only actual employee.

Prosecutors say they dressed as LASD deputies, went to the warehouse with a fake search warrant, locked the security guards in a Ford Explorer, and carried out the robbery. They add that when LAPD officers showed up at the warehouse, Antrim got rid of them by telling them he was a sheriff’s deputy executing a search warrant. The total amount of the heist was over two million dollars.

“This is about a corrupt law enforcement officer who teamed with somebody who was angry at his former boss, and they staged a brazen armed robbery in the middle of the night that was set to look like a legitimate law enforcement operation to steal marijuana and a lot of cash,” says Lindsey Greer Dotson, Assistant U.S. Attorney.

Marc Antrim pleaded guilty to five counts against him. He was sentenced to 84 months in federal prison.

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