Los Angeles FedEx Driver Who Put Out Backyard Blaze on Route Meets Grateful Homeowners

The driver's identity was a mystery until Inside Edition brought them together.

A Los Angeles FedEx driver whose quick thinking stopped a backyard fire in its tracks is being hailed a hero by the homeowners. Jason Sloan was filling in for another driver and delivering a package on his route when he spotted smoke and jumped into action.

A doorbell camera captured Sloan quickly grabbing a water hose to douse the flames and yelling for neighbors to see if anyone was home—but no one answered.

"I just went ahead and turned it on. I grabbed the water hose, and I started shooting down. But then they had two trash cans here, empty trash cans. So I went in and pulled them up against there, stood on top and squirted down,” Sloan told Inside Edition.

Homeowners Albert and Celena Rios were at work when neighbors started calling.

“Every single neighbor was like, ‘The FedEx guy is a hero, like he really acted out of nowhere,’” Celena told Inside Edition.

The driver’s identity was a mystery to the family until Inside Edition brought them together.

“We really want to thank you for what you did for us and potentially saving our home,” Celena told Sloan.

"I feel great. I feel good. At the same time, I’m just happy that their house didn't burn down,” Sloan said.

FedEx says Sloan went above and beyond the call of duty.