Touching Moment Amazon Delivery Driver Prays for Boy in High-Risk Category for COVID-19 Caught on Camera

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It’s a quiet reminder of kindness and solidarity, as an Amazon delivery woman says a prayer and crosses herself before heading back to her van. The gesture was recorded by Raquel and Derek Pearson’s doorbell camera.

Their 8-month-old son Lucas has a congenital heart defect, making him high risk for COVID-19. The Pearsons are doing everything they can to minimize his risk of exposure, including ordering all his special supplies online. They left a thank you note posted on their door explaining why their situation was so dire. 

“We have an infant with medical needs and online deliveries are essential to his health. You are helping keep our son alive and well,” the note said. 

Monica Salinas was delivering a package ordered on Amazon when she saw the message

“That's the kind of stuff that makes my heart cry and I felt the need to pray,” Salinas told Inside Edition. 

This isn't the first time Salinas has been met with a thank you note from customers during the pandemic, but she said this one was particularly moving.

“The food that we are delivering, that we are delivering,” she said, emphasizing her and her colleagues’ work, “Saves this baby every day.”

Salinas shared the prayer she recited when she saw the note. 

“God, Heavenly Father, please protect this family, help them get through another day, please don't let them go without and baby, just grow up to be strong,” she said. “And then I said ‘Amen’ and I blessed myself and got on my way.” 


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