Teen Spreads Positivity By Telling Classmates They're 'Beautiful' in Heartwarming Video

Olivia Brockhoff said she was super surprised by people’s responses to her kind words. 

A 16-year-old got creative with a class assignment by letting people know they’re beautiful. 

The Canadian teen, Olivia Brockhoff, said she was inspired by a video she had previously seen online.

As part of a school project at Lloydminster’s Holy Rosary High School, Brockhoff created an Instagram and posted the video, which she calls a social experiment, in an effort to spread positivity.

In the video, she tells multiple classmates “I am taking pictures of things I think are beautiful and I think you’re beautiful,” and films their various reactions. 

People’s responses to her kind words surprised Brockhoff, she said. 

“Some people cried, some people were like ‘you made my day.’ I’m surprised people aren’t used to hearing it more,” Brockhoff told InsideEdition.com. “My teacher loved it. She thought it was such a good idea.”

Brockhoff said she plans to continue spreading positive messages online. Her upcoming project will focus on remembering to be yourself. 

“It’s a PSA on how you shouldn’t have to change yourself to fit in,” she said. “You shouldn’t want to be popular, you shouldn’t want to change to be liked.”