How a Teenager Found Herself Stuck In a Chick-fil-A High Chair

Addison Trent, a high school sophomore who turns 16 this week, told Inside Edition she learned to not “sit in a Chick-fil-A high chair.”

An Idaho teenager found herself stuck in a child’s high chair inside a Chick-fil-A last week said it didn't take long for her to realize she had made a big mistake.

“I was like, ‘how funny would it be if I sat in a high chair and ate my meal?’” Addison Trent told Inside Edition. “And so I had one of my friends grab the high chair, and so I sat in it and she like pushed me further in it and that's when I was like, 'I don't think I can get out.'” 

She tried everything to free herself from the chair last Tuesday, but it wouldn't budge. 

“I laid on the ground and then I had two people pulling on my arms and two on my legs, and so I was like lifted up off the ground and that didn't work," said Addison, a high school sophomore who turns 16 this week. "And then they told me to jump up and down and run to see if it'd, like, loosen, and it didn't loosen at all."

Addison called her mom, Liza, and explained she was stuck in a high chair.  

“I just was like, ‘what!?’ the mom said. “They were talking about that they might have to cut the chair off of her and that we might have to pay for the chair and I said, ‘well that's fine. You can't stay in the chair.’” 

After 45 minutes of unsuccessful attempts to free Addison from the chair, the fire department in Ammon was called. Firefighters responded to the restaurant, and using a drill, they disassembled the high chair.

Addison was not injured in the ordeal, but did take away a valuable lesson. 

"Don’t sit in a Chick-fil-A high chair," she said.

Addison did not have to pay for the chair.