Georgia Woman Saves Deer Stuck in Fence — Twice in a Matter of Minutes

The jogger taped herself rescuing a deer, which wasn't a quick learner.

A Georgia jogger rescued a deer stuck in a fence, not once, but twice, all in a matter of minutes.

Chole Dorsey taped herself demonstrating great strength in bending back the metal bar of an enclosure so the trapped doe could bolt free. She posted the footage to Instagram, where it of course went viral. 

The spooked animal was thrashing between the bars as Dorsey strained to free her. But as soon as the doe ran away, it got stuck again, this time in a moveable barrier with thicker bars.

"What is wrong with this girl?" Dorsey says. "You need to learn how to jump, boo," she calls to the stuck the deer. So once again, Dorsey set down her phone and marched over to the frightened animal. "Don't kick me," she tells it as she tries once again to bend metal with her bare hands.

She is heard grunting and growling as the bars refuse to move. "This one's harder!" She yells.

Dorsey jumped over the fence to get a better angle on the problem, but as she hit the ground, the doe pulled itself free.

Panting, she yells after it, "Yo a** better not get stuck again!"