Woman, 22, Uses Her Hair to Make Creative Art

She's shaped her strands into everything from bicycles to faces.

A West African woman has taken creativity to a new level, using her hair as her canvas. 

From monkeys to trumpets, Laetitia Ky uses her locks to create all sorts of different styles. 

The 22-year-old says it takes hours to craft the unique displays, but her work has earned her thousands of Instagram followers.
“I use hair extensions, wire, wool, thread,” Ky said of her creations. "To hold it all in place, I have to do a very tight ponytail as foundation for the hairstyle.”

She uses no hair products and focuses on braiding to form the looks. She said she was inspired by her African ancestors.
"I came across an Instagram album of hairstyles women used to wear in some African tribes prior to colonization,” Ky said. "These hairstyles were really impressive and made me want to use hair styling as a means of expression."

She also often makes political statements with her locks, addressing the #MeToo movement as well as gun violence.