Lost Art of Calligraphy Making a Comeback, Thanks to Meghan Markle

Markle has revealed in the past that she is skilled in the artful penmanship.

The lost art of calligraphy is back in the spotlight, thanks to Meghan Markle.

The soon-to-be royal revealed her hidden talent as a calligrapher to Larry King during a 2013 interview.

When she was just starting out, she worked at a Paper Source store in Beverly Hills, where she hand-wrote invitations and taught calligraphy classes.

Now, high school students like Emalie Llamas in Orange County, Calif., hope to follow in Markle’s footsteps.

"I think it is pretty cool," she told Inside Edition. "I always thought it was so beautiful, but this year, when I found it was offered, I took my shot."

Teacher Kristi Darwick, who's been practicing calligraphy for 35 years, says Markle’s special talent is definitely having an impact.

"We are getting a lot of new members now," she said. "It's beautiful. They want to do it."

Markle is bound to make good use of her skills when she pens all of those wedding "thank you" notes.