'Lost in Space' Stars Talk Shiny Spacesuits and Reboot of Classic Sci-Fi Series

Marta Kristen and Mark Goddard visited Inside Edition to reminisce about the space series and its new reboot.

Netflix has launched the Robinson family back into the cosmos for a reboot of the "Lost in Space" series.

Marta Kristen, who is now 73, and Mark Goddard, now 81, once starred in the original version of the popular 60s sci-fi show, and recently visited Inside Edition to reminisce about the cult classic series.

"It became iconic really because it had heart," Kristen told Inside Edition.

Kristen played Judy Robinson, the family's eldest teenage child.

Goddard who played the pilot, Maj. Don West, now says the one thing that drove him nuts about filming the show was the velour and silver lamé space suits.

"The space suits! No, I couldn’t stand it, it was awful, I really hated it," Goddard said. "I had those silver boots and I had that thing on — terrible."

Kristen disagreed, saying, "They were sexy."

The reboot will feature Taylor Russell, a 23-year-old Canadian actress, as Judy Robinson and Ignacio Serricchio, who has previously appeared in Bones and General Hospital, as Maj. Don West.

Both Kristen and Goddard agree that they love their counterparts on the reboot, which they applauded for avoiding the campiness of the original series.

"The new look, its craft — it’s so beautiful," Kristen said.

Goddard added, "It’s spectacular, it really is."  

The 2018 remake of "Lost in Space" premieres on Netflix Friday.