Louis Tomlinson Opens Up About Grieving His Mom and Sister

Louis Tomlinson opened up about grieving his mother and sister.
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After losing both his mother and his sister, Louis Tomlinson is opening up his grief.

"A lot of people, I think, bottle up these emotions and I think I'm probably one of those people as well," Tomlinson said Friday on the Kyle and Jackie O Show.

The former One Direction singer was on the radio show to promote his new song, "Two of Us." He wrote the emotional ballad for his mom, Johannah Deakin, who died of leukemia in 2016.

Tomlinson was dealt another devastating hurdle last month when his sister Felicite died at 18.

"Yeah, obviously it's not been easy, but I felt like it was time to write this song," Tomlinson said. "'And I think it was important to kind of put this in a song in the hope that not only I feel better from saying those words, but hopefully people all relate to it in their own way and come to their own conclusions and maybe they'll feel a bit better."

Tomlinson had previously said that playing "Two of Us" for his younger sisters, including Felicite, was "tough." The song was released just days before Felicite was found dead in her London apartment.

Despite his struggles, Tomlinson told the show that he hopes to released an album by the end of the year.


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