Louisiana Police Officer Who Said He Was 'Ambushed' Actually Shot Himself, Cops Say

Rapides Sheriff's Office
Rapides Sheriff's Office

John Michael Goulart Jr., 25, has been placed on administrative leave.

A Louisiana police officer who claimed he’d been ambushed over the weekend actually shot himself, police said.

Pineville Police Officer John Michael Goulart Jr., 25, originally said he was shot while exiting his patrol car on Sunday around 11 p.m.

Goulart reported he was shot once in the leg and that another bullet hit his rear car door, but upon further investigation, it turns out that wasn’t the case, police said. 

Pineville police now say Goulart shot himself, concealed his weapon and then altered the facts about what happened. It’s not clear why he allegedly did so.

Goulart has been charged with one count of criminal mischief and another for malfeasance in office. He has since been released on his on recognizance and placed on administrative leave.