Maid of Honor Uses Robot to Attend Sister's Wedding

Marsal Studios
Marsal Studios

She also showed up to the rehearsal dinner.

When a bride’s maid of honor couldn’t physically make her Connecticut wedding, she came in robot form instead.

Anna Halperin-Salmon said her sister, Elizabeth Dubow, found out she was pregnant in November 2017 and due to give birth a week before Halperin-Salmon’s wedding.

“I found out this past January that she wasn’t going to make it,” Halperin-Salmon said. “There was always a small hope that the baby would come early, but it became clear around February that it wouldn’t be possible so we started brainstorming other ideas.”

From attaching an iPad to a drone, to displaying her sister’s image on a giant projector, Halperin-Salmon and her now-husband, Ian, tried to come up with ways to include Dubow, who lives in Colorado.

A friend then recommended a robot made by Double Robotics, which attaches an iPad to a Segway. The robot’s movements are controlled by the person using the robot. 

The couple then decided to rent the robot for their big day on Aug. 11.

Dubow showed up at the couple’s rehearsal dinner the night before their wedding to test the machine out.

“She hung out at the rehearsal dinner and chatted with everyone,” Salmon said. “She hung out with the bridesmaids on the morning of.”

The maid of honor was still able to participate in the ceremony as if she were there. She rolled down the aisle before the vows. She gave a speech on stage. She even spun around a few times on the dance floor. 

“She put on a gold scarf to match bridesmaids and she dressed up the baby in a dress and her husband put on a jacket,” Salmon said. “I definitely felt like she was there the whole day.”