Mail Carrier Takes Keys Away From Alleged Drunk Driver, Cops Say

Mail carrier took keys from alleged drunk driver
The mail carrier gave the keys to an area resident and told her to call the cops.(South Euclid PD)

A resident of an Ohio neighborhood called cops after witnessing the incident last week.

An Ohio mail carrier reportedly took car keys away from a woman he believed was operating a car while intoxicated.

Police answered a call to a South Euclid home Wednesday after an area resident reported that her mailman handed her a set of car keys and told her to contact authorities.

According to police, the suspected drunk driver had stopped in front of the resident's house.

South Euclid Police said the suspected drunk driver, 51-year-old La Sonya Carter, fell back while attempting to get out of her car as the mail carrier approached.

In bodycam footage taken after police arrived, police question the suspect about the contents of her water bottle and ask her questions about her state, including, "How drunk are you?"

"How drunk am I?" the suspect responds. "I'm not drunk."

The suspect then mentions her mother, who she previously said had passed away.

"My mom is not well. And I am not well, either, because she's not well."

The back-and-forth continues for some 20 minutes and ended as Carter reportedly refused to take a field sobriety test.

She was arrested and charged with driving under the influence.

Police have credited the mail carrier for getting involved and helping to get the suspect off the road, but did not name him.