'Making a Murderer' Returns for Second Season Next Month

Steven Avery mugshot

Nearly three years after “Making a Murderer” captivated viewers and left many wondering the fate of those convicted in the killing of Teresa Halbach, the true crime docuseries from Netflix is returning for a second season. 

“Making a Murderer Part 2," a 10-episode continuation of the series following Steven Avery and his co-defendant and nephew Brendan Dassey, will begin streaming on Oct. 19, Netflix said Tuesday.

The second season will follow Avery and Dassey, as well as their families, through the post-conviction process their legal teams' fight to see both men exonerated. 

Kathleen Zellner, a lawyer who specializes in wrongful convictions, will be featured as she worked on Avery’s case, while Dassey’s attorneys, Laura Nirider and Steven Drizin, were followed as they tried to prove their client’s testimony was involuntary.

The first season of the documentary explored the theory that Avery had been framed by law enforcement in Manitowoc, Wisconsin, in the 2005 murder of Halbach, a 25-year-old photographer.

Avery was sentenced to life in prison for her murder, as was his nephew, Dassey, who confessed to assisting his uncle. Public interest in the show resulted in a quest by Dassey's legal team to overturn his conviction, saying it had been obtained improperly.

In June, The U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear Dassey’s case.  


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