Malaysian Nail Salon Sells Nails Featuring Netflix's 'Squid Games' Designs

Reaching 111 million viewers in less than a month, Netflix’s new series 'Squid Game' is the platform’s most watched to date, and is now sparking creativity in nail designs.

A new popular Netflix series isn't just inspiring memes; it's also has gone onto inspire nail designs.

"Squid Game," a dystopian drama where cash-strapped contestants play childhood games with deadly consequences, has become a worldwide sensation for Netflix since its launch about 27 days ago.

Because of its popularity, the show has been referenced in parodies, costumes and now, nails in Malaysia. 

Manicurists at Maniqure Nail Salon, a manicure nail salon near Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, are selling painted and press-on nail designs based on "Squid Game." 

Salon co-owner Chin Kwan How says that the demand for the press-on version of his nails came from both local and international buyers online.

Thanks to the creatives behind the salon, each of the show's nine episodes has inspired a designed set of nails.

“It's all hand-painted to draw every fine line, we have to stop breathing. We draw the line very straight,” said manicurist and co-owner Lim Pei Xin.

Details on nails include "Red Light, Green Light,” which features the killer giant doll from the first episode, while "Hell" includes a picture of the red-suited game officials and a pink-ribboned coffin.

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