Mammoth Bones, Skulls and More Will Be on Display at a Museum Inside a New Airport in Mexico

The museum will have six halls and is set to open in March of 2022.

Mammoth bones, skulls and replicas will soon be available for public viewing at the Santa Lucia Quinametzin Paleontological Museum at the airport now under construction near Mexico City.

Scientists have uncovered over 100 mammoth skeletons in what has quickly become one of the world's biggest concentrations of the now-extinct relative of modern elephants.

Paleontologists say they plan on studying mammoth DNA to find out more about their health and what other species they're related to.

The museum will have six halls. The first hall will show how the basin of Mexico was formed and how mammoths lived there over 10,000 years ago. 

The second will be dedicated to the biology of mammoths. The third will show the biodiversity that existed in the area where the mammoths were found. A fourth hall will discuss the population of Mexico and the Americas. 

A fifth hall will examine possible reasons for the extinction of mammoths in the basin of Mexico, and a sixth hall will show how scientists work in Santa Lucia.

The museum is set to open in March of 2022.

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