Man Allegedly Beat Child, 3, to Death, Cops Say He Tried to Put Blame on Victim’s Sibling,

Harford County Sheriffs Dept.

While it is unclear how or if the perp was related or knew the victim, cops say, “the motive remains under investigation, Mack was a person who was known to the child.”

A Maryland man is accused of beating a 3-year-old child to death and cops say he then tried to place blame on the victim’s 9-year-old sibling, Law and Crime reported.

Randolph J. Mack, 42, was arrested on June 4, in connection with the death of Maria Barlow, 3. He faces multiple charges including one count each of first-degree murder, second-degree murder, and first-degree child abuse resulting in the death of a child under age 13, according to court documents obtained by Inside Edition Digital.

Cops say that on June 3 they arrived to a Belcamp, Maryland, home after calls were made for a small child having cardiac arrest. Upon arrival they say in a statement on their Facebook page, “Medics were already on scene attempting life-saving efforts. Deputies assisted with those measures as medics prepared the child to be transported to Upper Chesapeake Medical Center. Upon arrival at the hospital medical staff pronounced the child deceased at 11:58 pm.”

“Medics and medical staff advised deputies that the juvenile had suspicious bruising on her body that would be consistent with child abuse,” cops added.

The victim’s young body was then transported to the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for an autopsy to determine the manner and cause of her death. Barlow had suffered damage to internal organs, a fractured rib and possible strangulation, according to court records.

Mack was arrested the next day and cops say that he had allegedly taken Barlow into a bathroom to talk to her about wetting her pants when things turned physical, Court TV reported.

Barlow’s aunt called 911, nearly eight hours after the alleged assault, to report that the child was in cardiac arrest, Court TV reported. The aunt also suggested her niece’s injuries may have come from an attack by her 9-year-old brother, according to Court TV.

Barlow’s aunt later told police that Mack asked her to shift the blame to the victim’s sibling, Court TV reported.

“They, the suspects, were working on trying to get an alibi and trying to get another child in the home to kind of take responsibility for the actions that [Mack] had done. And there is no doubt in this case that [Mack] is responsible for the physical injuries that this young child suffered that cost her her life,” Harford County Sheriff Jeffrey Gahler said in a statement.

While it is unclear how or if Mack was related or knew the victim, cops say, “the motive remains under investigation, Mack was a person who was known to the child.”

“To know an adult… again, you can’t use a word other than a ‘monster,’ who would inflict such damage on a child and then let that child sit there unattended for a period of time before summoning medical help. And then make up a story and try to put the blame elsewhere—that is not a human,” Gahler added. “To me that is so inhumane, I call it a ‘monster’.”

The aunt was not taken into custody. Mack was arrested on June 4 and booked at the Harford County Detention Center, where he is being held without bond, court records obtained by Inside Edition Digital show.

During his initial court appearance he waived the right of an attorney, court records how.

The Harford County Court tells Inside Edition Digital that Mack has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The victim was just a week away from celebrating her 4th birthday, Law and Crime added.

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