Man Allegedly Punched and Spat on by ‘Karen’ During Flight Speaks Out

The suspect, realtor Patricia Cornwall, was arrested by the FBI upon landing. She's accused of punching and spitting at a fellow passenger.

A passenger who was allegedly punched and spat on by a woman who he calls a “Karen” on a recent Delta flight is speaking out to Inside Edition. 

“I did call her a Karen on more than one occasion, and my grandchildren can't believe I knew what the definition of a Karen was, so they're all giving me high props for that,” Russell Miller, 69, told Inside Edition. 

The suspect, realtor Patricia Cornwall, was arrested by the FBI upon landing. Cornwall used to be a Raiderette cheerleader and a former actress who appeared on “Married With Children” and “Baywatch” under the name Patty Breton.

The criminal complaint obtained by Inside Edition says the clash started when Cornwall was returning from the bathroom and found the beverage cart blocking the aisle.

“The flight attendant asked Cornwall to find an open seat until beverage service was complete,” the complaint said.

Cornwall and Miller then went at it over masks.

“Mask up,” Cornwall said.

“I'm eating and drinking,” Miller said.

When Miller called Cornwall an expletive, she responded by hitting Miller in the face.

“Now you're going to jail! That's assault! You're going to jail,” Miller said.

The police report says Miller had "visible injury” and that “Cornwall then spit in [his] face and head area."

Eventually, the flight attendants managed to pull Cornwall away. She was busted by FBI agents when the plane landed in Atlanta and told she can’t fly, except to return home to Los Angeles.

“My face was cut, and I had blood running down my face,” Miller told Inside Edition.

There have been just under 6,000 incidents of unruly passengers on planes this year, and nearly 72% were mask-related, according to the FAA.

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