Man Buys 25 Identical Lottery Tickets, Wins $125,000

This man won the Virginia Lottery 25 times over.
Virginia Lottery

This man won the Virginia Lottery 25 times over!

David Maiocco of Alexandria bought 25 identical tickets for the Virginia Lottery Pick 4 drawing on Sep. 3. Little did he know, they would pay off big time.

Maiocco told lottery officials he was on hold with customer service for his TV provider when he decided to pass some time and check his numbers. He discovered his numbers had been drawn, winning him 25 prizes of $5,000 — a total of $125,000.

"When they finally came back on the phone, all I said was 'OK,'" Maiocco said. "I just agreed to whatever they said. I hung up the phone and went straight to the lottery office!"


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