Virginia Man Wins Same Lotto Drawing Twice With Identical Tickets

Virginia Man Wins Lotto Twice With Identical Tickets
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So nice, he played them twice.

So nice, he played them twice.

A man who accidentally bought two identical lottery tickets wound up collecting twice. 

Mario Loza of Virginia didn't realize he bought two tickets with the exact same numbers, 5-7-15-21-31, at an Arlington 7-Eleven store, he told lottery officials.

He cashed in one of the winning tickets after hitting the $100,000 prize in the Aug. 27 drawing of the Cash 5 game, according to UPI.

Two days later, Loza realized he had a second winning ticket, and he turned it in to win another $100,000.

Loza says his newfound riches will help him pay off his bills and fund his retirement.