Man Causes Stir After His Homemade ‘Hydro Pod’ Washes Up on Florida Beach on Its Way Up the East Coast

Ray “Reza” Baluchi was discovered in the middle of a journey up the east coast.

When a mysterious contraption washed up on the beach in Florida, authorities were stumped. But the floating hamster-wheel look-alike was actually occupied by Ray “Reza” Baluchi.

And Reza was actually on a journey. He set out in his homemade hydropod and planned to walk on water up the east coast all the way to New York

But he hit a snag when his team alerted him that his tracking device wasn’t working. So he came ashore to get another one and that’s when the commotion started. 

“I coming out and they call police, so I worry that some people come and say, they give me a hard time,” Reza explains. “Police coming, Coast Guard coming…”

Now, he’s since decided to change his plans. Instead of walking to New York, he’s going to set off from Bermuda and go all the way to London and then on to Portugal. And although It’s going to be a long lonely journey, Baluchi is looking forward to it.

“I’m not scared,” he states. “I want to show people your mind is stronger and you can do it. I want to show these people who sit on the couch that decide for me what I must do.

“It’s not their business. It’s my life, it’s my dream. Some people like it, some people don’t like it. I don’t care.”

Baluchi says he’s raising money for organizations that support the homeless and he hopes people will follow along with him on his website. 

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